How I Landed My First Writing Gig

Written By: Smita Kale

“Would you be interested in joining as an Admissions Editor in our company? It’s a work-from-home job.”

The second part of the conversation caught my fancy immediately and without thinking I agreed. When I went to the office for a written test and interview, I realised that probably I had bitten off more than I could chew. How on earth will I be able to write ‘creatively’? A science and math teacher by profession, with a teaching career of 14 years, my mind was attuned to writing only factual information and that too in bullets! Here, I was expected to help students write admissions essays for MBA, MS, SAT or PhD courses and polish their work by editing and restructuring their essays.

Want To Become A Better Writer? Here's What To Do...

Written By: Reema Mittal

As I pen this down, my mind is beginning to get entangled in a dilemma whether it is my voracious reading which influenced my writing ability or is it my divergent writing career which influenced my equally diverse reading interests.

Writing happened to me serendipitously. Fresh out of college, I dreamed of exploring the wide world around me. And to live my dream, I decided to earn some money and landed up in a publishing company as a trainee copy editor. Although the decision was not well thought of, it eventually proved to be the beginning of a new interest in my life. During my one-year stint in the role, I learnt the relevance of an error free copy, thus, developing an eye for fallacies as minute as double spaces before punctuations and as grave as the mis-spelled name of the author. However, what I found difficult to resist was the temptation to play with the language. But alas, my copy editing job never offered me much freedom to heavily edit the text, even though it was required.

Dream Big, Start Small

Written By: Uday Mitra

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.  (Ana├»sNin)

Multimedia surrounds me as I edgily craft 500 word articles for a pittance, going around the internet in dizzying circles. And then comes the occasional editing and proofreading contracts that generate decent incomes for those little vanity purchases otherwise unfulfilled. I sometimes dream of writing a bestseller yet!

Finding Poetic Inspiration...

Written By: Malavika Madgula

“I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.”

-- Robert Frost

There is a plethora of matter on the internet as to how to get inspired to write, how to write well, ideas on what to write, and so on. I have no idea about the success rate of those who tried this non-conventional path, but I am one who believes that writing comes from within. If something about words makes your whole spine tingle, then you’ve probably had a long love affair with words and you might have even engaged in wordplay at some time; pun unintended!

Becoming A Writer: The Push I Needed

Written By: Vishnu

The question of whether or not I could call myself a writer was the first thought to enter my mind.  What is a writer, anyway? So what's a confused girl like me to do? Take to Google of course!

The stories and explanations I've come across are far too many to list out now. Of the results, some people expressed their frustration on having been unable to write their next book and started doubting themselves on whether or not they could still call themselves writers. Others were vexed at failing their literary examinations. I kept reading and found myself even more confused than before. I sought to find the most simplest of explanations of what makes me a writer. Simply, a writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas. Ha, I guess I can call myself a writer now! Anyway, I fear I'm getting off topic. To me, writing isn't a skill, It's a hobby.  It’s a way of bringing all of my thoughts and ideas to life and being able to store them in this little ole’ blog of mine. 

12 Habits Of Highly Successful Writers

Written By: Inderpreet Kaur

Writing for a living is not an easy profession because your credibility gets you more work and you need to have something to show for your skill. Finding good work and the kind you want to do is even more difficult since you are second guessing all your actions. The path to success is not an easy one, that we all have heard a million times but how do we make that ‘hard work’ really work for us? The emphasis must not be on just working but also working on making sure you capitalize on all possible areas that will help you materialize the writing success you want. The road is not an easy one but then the good things in life never are.

Thou Shall Now Be Pronounced "Author"!

Written By: Shuchi Singh Kalra

AUTHOR. AUTHOR. AUTHOR. The word has been ringing about in my head ever since it sunk in that my first book will be out less than one month from now. Yes, less than a month! Trust me, I wasn’t half as nervous when I was being wheeled into the operation theatre for an emergency c-section. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get the drift. Things are happening at a maddening pace around here, and now its time to pull out the marketing canons. All the blitzkrieg is taking a toll on me but it is also very exciting. The follower counts on my Twitter and Facebook pages are exploding without provocation and frankly, there is little to complain about right now.

While I have been wearing the “writer” tag for quite a while now, it is the “author” tag that is giving me the tummy tickles. The first time I contemplated writing a book was when I was ten years old. I saw this movie “The Fly” on television and liked the story so much that I decided to write it down as a novel. Don’t yell PLAIGIARST yet – I was only ten! The point I am trying to make is that writing a book has been my dream since forever. It is tops on my bucket list even (I had aimed to publish a book before I turned thirty and I’m thirty one now, but still).

As much as it is exhilarating, it is scary as hell. What if people just hate it? Worse, what if nobody reads it at all? What if only my mom and dad buy the copies and say “shaabaash beta, bahot achha likha hai”? It is all very nerve-wrecking since this has been one of my major life goals. Every time I send out a review copy to a critic, I imagine myself handing a sword in their hands and giving them the permission to hack me down. What to do, I’m dramatic like that. 

The truth is: writing a novel isn’t anything like writing a blog post or a brochure. It involves so much more. It is an emotional process where authors bare themselves to the public. I now realize that it takes incredible courage to put your work out there because most definitely, there will be readers who will NOT like your book. Some will even say nasty things about it. Things become scarier when expectations are high or even marginally existent (believe me, every time someone says “Oh you are such an established writer – your book just has to be amazing”, I almost shit in my pants). But thankfully, I’m not going crazy yet. This isn’t the first thing I have written, and neither will it be my last, and that is a major consolation. I have been a professional writer for years and thankfully, clients have loved my work and most have only good things to say about me.

I’ve even found a way around my pre-launch anxiety. Every time I feel jittery, I go back to the time when I would hold a chick-lit in my hands and imagine my name sprawled across a pink cover in bold cursive font. Confession: I have even daydreamt about giving out signed copies to wide-eyed fans (hey, don’t you laugh!). I believe the latter will also happen in good time, and ‘Done With Men’ is hopefully a giant leap forward towards that crazy dream.

Right now, I’m just going to soak up in the fabulous feeling of becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR. I wrote a full, freakin’ book, and it was taken by a real, reputed publisher (not one of those scammy ones that expect the author to cough up money). And the best part is that people are loving it (so far, so good). The initial reviews that have come in are mostly positive and the book is all set to hit the market on Valentine’s Day. So if you want to show me some V-Day love, you know what to do!

DoneWith Men’ is now up on Goodreads (that’s Facebook for bookworms, for the unaware)!

Looking To Start A Blog?

Written By: Richa Satpute

Writing is the most solitary task that you will ever undertake. It entails baring your thoughts, opinion and most importantly your soul to the world. The very thought of it made me nervous when I first set out to write my own blog a few months ago.  So it helps when there is help at hand. Someone to give useful guidance and tips on helping you to get started and staying on the right track.

Money Management And Financial Planning For Writers

Written By: Vijay Sankaranarayanan

Investing wisely is a challenge for most people. If you are however a self-employed writer, then the importance of a financial plan matters more since fundamental luxuries such as assured and regular cash flow are not available to you. A self-employed person needs to be careful to ensure that he or she has enough savings corpus created, so that this crucial aspect is taken care of.

Be your own Michelangelo: A Guide for Newbie Writers

Written By: Palak Shah

For all the newbies like me, who ponder time and again, whether they should plunge in the ocean of writing or not; must read this. I easily empathize with those in such predicament. However, I have come out of this situation as a winner by understanding the Michelangelo in me.

The world knows Michelangelo as the greatest artists of all time. But what many of us do not know that he was also a human being; an immortal just like all of us. He possessed a unique gift by which he could see the masterpiece hidden inside a stone or block and with his unrelenting determination and drive; he would bring his vision to life. We all can be our own Michelangelos, if we start believing in ourselves and unleash our forte. Our latent talents are buried under the debris of fear, ignorance and doubt. All we have to do is to find it and realise it; just like Michelangelo. By understanding this below scribed nuggets, you can definitely bring out the writer in you.



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