The pros and cons of writing for content mills

Written By: Farhan Musavi

There are numerous issues in the writing world where people disagree about numerous things. One such issue is whether or not it’s okay to write for content mills.

There are two schools of thoughts here. One school tells you to do it, the other doesn’t. Both sides have their arguments which I shall analyze below briefly.

But first a definition is in order.

5 reasons why freelance writers should write an e-book

Written by: Farhan Musavi

Thou shalt now be pronounced author—ever wanted to hear that about you?
Of course you have.

As a freelance writer you’ve written a lot for your clients, written a lot for your blog, and you have plans to write an e-book some day but life keeps getting in.

You have to acquire more clients, moderate comments, reply to e-mails, look after your family, go to the market, and hence writing that e-book keeps getting pushed down in your To-do list.
You think you’ll write the book when you’ll get some time but you never get that time.

Five ways you can make money from your freelancing blog

Written By: Farhan Musavi

I know at least six dozen ways how blogs make money. And I’m no expert.

Let that sink in.

Yes there are at least six dozen ways how your blog can make money.

How Social Media Can Boost Your Freelance Writing Business

Written By: Akanksha

Let us all take a moment to gracefully accept that writing is a business. Had it not been so, you'd never have been reading this blog in the first place.

Writing has seen a revolution over the years. The pens and papers and journals have been replaced by laptops and computers and smart phones. We prefer to post a Facebook status on New Year's Day instead of drawing a hand made card!

Why most writers cannot accept criticism, and what to do about it

Written By: Megha Varier
“Do you have any insights to give our students”?, asked our professor to the guest lecturer for the day, before he ended his session on creative seeing.
“Eh, I do not wish to call it insight, but it is something that I picked up over the years. Never get attached to any of your works. Doing so would destroy both your work and your creative mind”.
Before he walked out of the class, he had taught us one of the most important lessons of all. I could completely associate with what he had said.
Early this year, when I took up my first job at a start-up newspaper as an intern reporter, I was pulled out from the environment of college magazines and publications to a more serious professional style of writing, where my every word had to go under the scrutiny of my Editor.  I had always believed editing to be essential to polish any piece of writing, and I believed I was open to it.

How to Write Out of Your Comfort Zone

Written By: Apurva Agrawal

It is well established that as one grows as a writer, one also grows comfortable with certain styles and genres of writing. These styles and genres might be the writer’s natural inclination or they might have fallen into his bag of favorites due to ease and repetition. You know what I am talking about, right? Yes. It is a writer’s comfort zone we are all too familiar with. However, life is not all roses and writing is not always in the zone.

5 Reasons To Write on The News Hub

Written By: William Wharfe
The News Hub is an open journalism platform making news sustainable. The basic idea is that contributors can publish whatever they like, whenever they like, and get paid for it.
If you’re tired of pitching stories that get rejected, tired of having to shape your opinions to fit a publication’s agenda, tired of working to someone else’s schedule, then The News Hub might just be for you. Here’s why:

The BARCODE For Being A Technical Writer

Written By: Sonia Naik

A technical writer? Me? Well I never thought I was one until one fine day I woke up to a pile of reports, essays and research papers all pointing to one thing – when did all this happen and how?

For starters I have always been a voracious reader. More of those ‘ l love the smell of new books’ or ‘Oh I would love to be a librarian’ or ‘ Books are my best friends’ were always a part of my vocabulary. I wrote…a lot, whether it is my own expressions to fill my diary pages, edit the college magazine or complete the thesis. Each one was dealt with renewed vigour and unbounded energy. However it was not until completion of my Masters and joining a planning firm that I actually ventured into what is called a technical report. Having started my tryst into ‘serious’ report writing in an UK based firm the standards of writing, content assimilation, analysis and overall output were very high.

Top Things To Consider Before Making A Career Out Of Freelance Writing

Written by: Satarupa Bhattacharya

The tinker of money, dreams laced with dollars and the tapping away at your keyboard—do all of these seem so known to you? When someone asks me why I started writing in the first place, I am often stuck up with these images in mind. However, that in no way means freelance writing is only a money-churning venture that I have clung onto simply because I found nothing else. In my wee-days of freelancing, I was crazily confused-- not merely with anxious questions regarding how much I would earn but with the fear if my love for writing could take me far.

Effective Marketing Ideas For Self-Published Authors

Written By: Dora Houston
Anyone can get a book published today through self-publishing and get exposure to a certain extent. The first and foremost principle in marketing of one’s own book is to figure out where the potential readers are going. The author has to stand in front of them. Depending on the content or topic of his book he also needs to check which are the websites the readers are seeing, which magazines or blogs they refer to, and what are the most popular sites for information sharing. Then, as a second step, the author should get involved with those venues. This is the beginning of marketing which authors should do in order to get exposure as a writer.



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