The most useful tools for writers and what to do with them

Written By: Amy Cowen

Being a freelancer is a rewarding job considering that you get to have the flexibility when it comes to managing your time without comprising the amount that you can potentially earn. As freelancing jobs are becoming more in demand and popular, there are also now a lot of online tools that you can use to find for jobs, project and time management, acquire skills and a whole lot more. Working as a freelance is pretty much the same with people who are working in a fixed day schedule job. You need to constantly improve on your skills, satisfy your clients and accomplish projects.

Where and how to find freelance writing work?

Written By: Kenneth Waldman

Writers who have the experience to often start perfecting their talents on freelance services. Here they gain experience and in return receive certain amount of money for their talent. However not only writers but also students and people with a talent for writing, great quality and experience are applicants to these sites. They are adequately paid and they do not have to leave their home to work their job. That is the one of the benefits of the freelancing jobs. Once you realise that you are capable to do this, you can just be better and work harder, which is equal benefit for the client and the worker. To decide which freelance site to use for these purposes we have made a list of some of the most popular and the most suitable sites, both for beginners and experienced freelancers.

Freelance Editors Needed - Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Humanities, and Medicine

Cactus Communications is a pioneer in language services, serving more than 60,000 clients across 116 countries. We employ a global team of highly skilled editors who are experts in various academic fields. We’re currently looking for specialist freelance copyeditors and substantive editors.

How to write a novel in 30 days!

Written By: Aniesha Brahma 

When I was six years old I was convinced the only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a writer. And as I grew up, I tried and failed to finish whatever writing project I started. In my late teens I realized the importance of being disciplined no matter what job you decide to pursue. And even though I learned to be disciplined I never tapped into the art of finishing a novel. In 2009 I stumbled across someone’s post which said they were taking part in NaNoWriMo. Curious about what that could possibly mean, I looked it up.

8 ways to overcome writer's block

Written By: Anayat Sekhon

You’ve resolved to complete that dreadful writing assignment; to answer a humdrum prompt; to write the Great Indian Novel; or to coax a classic out of a mind dulled by the soporific ramblings of the rabble. Armed with renewed gusto and ambition, you’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that your working environment reflects the grandiose pursuit of perfection your insides ache to embark on. The coffee is the right temperature. The lighting is soft; the curtains are assiduously drawn so that the pristine, cream-coloured leaves of your notebook seem aglow with the promise of a higher purpose, provisioned for by blue ink. The desk is uncluttered, and half a dozen books are stacked neatly in a corner; the titles are meant to serve as a tantalising glimpse of your own literary vision come to fruition.

How to write good headlines for online articles - 20 examples that totally click!

Written by: Anagha Patil

“ What happened in Paris . .
Ended last night in Vegas ” . . .
is the fateful story of every unfortunate guest post that lacks quirky, crispy heads *pause for effect* and subheads.When on a date, of course you feel interested in the way he showers you with chivalry or the way pink glitter surrounds her when she walks. But what exactly gets you going is the head, more obviously, the face. It is definitely the head that rules everything (Literally and figuratively). This notion really took me aboard in analysing the need and making of terrific headlines that play a surefire trick to getting things done.The headlines go on these lines . . .

7 Steps to Writing Anything

Written By: Sukanya K Samy

Contrary to what people say, writing skills can be developed and honed. All you need is passion to express yourself in words. I was always a reader, voraciously read what I could get my hands on. And that is how my love for words emerged. I then started participating in essays and debates in school and slowly and steadily learnt to express myself clearly through writing. There are many things you get to learn about your own self when you start writing. I learnt that I would like to inspire people who read my articles. I learnt that I write because I want to leave an impression and that I am not too patient when it comes to writing but very patient as a person.  I know that I don’t like too much attention by making my blogs public but I am slowly forcing myself to write more in public. Writing for me, above all is a soul-searching exercise.

How to write content that attracts traffic

Written by: Anagha Patil

People nowadays not only own smart-devices and tech savvy stuff but they have turned smarter too. With the increasing hype of the freelancing era, people have become more aware and effortful. Blogs that boast of content writers, full time authors and people who are really fueled with the desire of running a freelance firm are all over the net. Discussion and community forums, Facebook groups, blog audiences are already brimming with contemporary and state-of-the-art writings or ideas.
Amidst this chaos, why would anyone even consider the audience to read their work just because they wrote it with all their zeal and effort! Your work should be credible enough for the crowd to look over their shoulders into it and make it to the end. Period. There isn’t a timeworn and unsaid secret to achieve this .A hack or two would do it !
So, Let’s get started folks!

How to command a premium as a freelance writer

Written By: Supriya Jain

Content is one thing in abundance in this information overloaded world. Are so are content writers. With the emergence of portals such as freelancerelancepeopleperhour etc., there has been a tremendous increase in the number of writers. And these freelancers are willing to work for as less as 10 paisa a word!

The pros and cons of writing for content mills

Written By: Farhan Musavi

There are numerous issues in the writing world where people disagree about numerous things. One such issue is whether or not it’s okay to write for content mills.

There are two schools of thoughts here. One school tells you to do it, the other doesn’t. Both sides have their arguments which I shall analyze below briefly.

But first a definition is in order.



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